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Autografo de ROBERT YOUNG firma Still con Colbert & Douglas en I Met Him en París!


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    Sin certificado de autenticidad.

    ¡ROBERT YOUNG firmó 8x10 aún '37 en la nieve con Colbert & Douglas en I Met Him en París!

    Muy bien
    8 "x 10" [20 x 25 cm]
    Una película original autografiada de 8 "x 10" [20 x 25 cm] autografiada de época
    Información adicional importante: ¡Tenga en cuenta que esta Still ha sido autografiado (firmado) personalmente por Robert Young!
    Tenga en cuenta que este artículo fue enviado a nosotros por una persona que era propietaria de una compañía que hizo películas y videos con celebridades famosas en los años 80 y 90. El propietario de la compañía haría que las celebridades firmaran artículos de sus famosas películas, y, a veces, encontraría a una segunda o tercera celebridad para autografiar un artículo que ya había firmado. Además, le preguntaría a las celebridades con las que entraría en contacto si habían firmado artículos de otras estrellas que le venderían, y compró una cantidad de artículos de esa manera. También compraría artículos sin firmar en la famosa librería Larry Edmunds en Los Ángeles (para que firmen las celebridades), y mientras estaba haciendo esto,
    También compra algunos de sus artículos firmados. Por lo tanto, todos los artículos que estamos subastando de este consignador se obtuvieron en persona, se obtuvieron de las celebridades que los obtuvieron en persona o se obtuvieron de la Librería Larry Edmunds, ¡y estamos seguros de que el autógrafo (s) de este artículo es auténtico!
    Sin certificado de autenticidad.
    Color: B&N



    ROBERT YOUNG signed 8x10 still '37 in snow with Colbert & Douglas from I Met Him in Paris!
    Very good
    8" x 10" [20 x 25 cm]
    An Original Vintage Theatrical Autographed 8" x 10" [20 x 25 cm] Movie Still
    Important Added Info: Note that this still has been personally autographed (signed) by Robert Young!
    Note that this item was consigned to us by an individual who owned a company that made movies and videos with famous celebrities in the 1980s and 1990s. The owner of the company would have the celebrities sign items from their famous films, and sometimes he would find second or third celebrities to autograph an item he already had gotten signed! In addition, he would ask celebrities he came in contact with if they had signed items from other stars that they would sell to him, and he purchased a number of items that way. He also would purchase unsigned items from the famed Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Los Angeles (to have the celebrities sign), and while he was doing that he wou
    also purchase some of their signed items. So all of the items we are auctioning from this consignor were either obtained in person, obtained from celebrities who obtained them in person, or obtained from the Larry Edmunds Bookshop, and we feel certain that the autograph(s) on this item is authentic!

    Without certificate of authenticity
    Important Added Info:
    Robert Young was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1907, but he grew up mostly in Los Angeles. After graduation, he performed at the Pasadena Playhouse, had a few bit parts in silent films, and joined a stock company, and in 1931 was signed by MGM to a contract. He was very likeable, but rather bland (studio head Louis B. Mayer said he has no sex appeal!), and he starred in many MGM movies of the 1930s opposite some of their top female stars. When his contract with MGM ended, he worked for several studios, and he made some of his best remembered movies in the 1940s, including The Enchanted Cottage, They Won't Believe Me and Crossfire. In 1949, with his movie career declining, Young took the lead in a new radio show, Father Knows Best. Except for Young, it had an entirely different cast from the later TV series, and in it, the father was controlling and ordered around his saintly wife and annoying kids, and he was far from a good father (by today's standards he would be called verbally abusive)! In 1954, the show moved to TV, but only Robert Young stayed with the show. Beautiful saintly former movie star Jane Wyatt was cast as his wife, and the show struggled at first (changing networks twice) but ultimately became a big hit, and went off the air in 1960 only because Young wanted to do something else after 12 years in the same role, and it has been on the air in reruns ever since. In 1969, Young had a second giant hit TV show, Marcus Welby, M.D., where he played a saintly old doctor with a young brash assistant (played by James Brolin), and it stayed on the air until 1976. Contrary to his ultra-nice image, Young had been an alcoholic for many years, and it was not until the show went off the air that he finally got sober. He appeared in a few TV movies before he passed away in 1998, at the age of 91.

    very good to fine.

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