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Lote Marklin Z mini-club. Ref.88872 Automotor - Diesel Fast Railcar SVT - DB

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- Lote Marklin z mini-club. Ref.88872.

- "Nuevo a estrenar".

- Automotor - Unidad múltiple diesel SVT 137 "Hamburguesa voladora". - DB

Prototype: high-speed railcars as Diesel Railcar 137 "type Hamburg" Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG). Optically the approximate status of the German State Railroad Company (DRG), in an elegant ivory / night blue basic. Two-piece with the Jakobs truck. Operating number 137 225a / b. Current operating condition, according to the vehicle on the museum track in Leipzig Central Station.

Model: With digital decoder and extensive sound functions. Controlled high-performance drive with flywheel. Both axles in the Jacobs bogie on shaft driven. Traction tires. Directional alternating three top lights and two red marker lights conventionally in operation, digital switchable. Standard built-in interior lighting and cab lighting each separately digital switchable. Lighting systems with maintenance-free warm white and red light-emitting diodes (LED). Roof with the details. Continuous side skirts with guided panels above the wheel cutouts. Setting guide with closed bellows between the halves of the vehicle. At the end of the replica of the Scharfenberg coupler (without function). Total length over couplings 48.4 cm.


  • mfx decoder with extensive sound and lighting functions.
  • Factory-installed interior lighting.
  • With cab lighting.
  • Replica of the vehicle on the track Museum of Leipzig central station.
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