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The Club Player's Magazine

6 Ferrari Speed Chess

Formula 1 stars Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz share another passion where full concentration is required.

8 NIC’s Café

The girls in the McDonald’s ad ‘Bishop takes Fries’ know: ‘It’s fun to beat the older guys.’

10 Your Move

Last time Chess15 was suggested as a much better idea than Chess960. Turns out it’s actually Chess17.

12 Great chess in Grand Swiss

First the Grand Swiss was moved from Isle of Man to Riga and then Latvia went into lockdown. But the games began anyway! In a carefully protected bubble, 100-odd GMs vied for two Candidates spots.

15 Celeb64: Manny Pacquiao

42 Adult improvement

Don’t always just look for your mistakes in your game. Look for yourself in the moves of the game, says James Altucher.

44 Wesley So stays US Champion

In crystal-clear notes Wesley So takes a closer look at the two tense tiebreak games that brought him his third title and shares his thoughts on a championship with a long and rich tradition.

54 One of a kind

Seeking unconventional ideas and playing risky, baffling games, Manuel Bosboom is a chess artist that pleases the crowd. Peter Boel portrays a unique master, a ‘chess buccaneer’ like no one else.

61 Fair & Square

An exchange of tweets between Manny Pacquiao and Magnus Carlsen.

62 Vitiugov Russian Champion

In his 15th ‘attempt’ at the title, Nikita Vitiugov made a dream come true.

66 Magnus Carlsen teaches chess

It’s all about getting your pieces to the best squares.

70 Maximize Your Tactics

Find the right moves.

72 Forever young

As Jan Timman turns 70, Judit Polgar congratulates a legendary world-class player and a dear friend.

79 What would you play?

Test your decision-making skills with Thomas ‘Toolbox’ Willemze.

84 Sadler on Books

Matthew Sadler thoroughly enjoyed biographical books about two lesser known chess players (5 stars!).

90 Pawn breakthroughs

Surya Ganguly takes a closer look at a strategic tactic that can change a game dramatically.

96 Crazy games

Two roller-coaster clashes in the Grand Swiss in Riga made Jan Timman wonder why he is regularly asked to name his best game and never his craziest game.

105 They are the Champions

Ndriqona Saraci is the national women’s champion of Kosovo.

106 Just Checking

What is Ben Johnson’s life motto?

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